BWB and you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Your engineering firm from South Tyrol – internationally successful

BWB: Boden (soil) – Wasser (water) – Bauwerk (structure)

BWB Ingenieurbüro from South Tyrol, the leading specialist in civil engineering and tunnel construction, is your reliable partner to complete your construction project. CEO Edgar Leitner and his staff are experienced experts and advise and assist you during every planning and construction phase. Your questions regarding planning, construction management and the entire construction operation are answered personally and professionally by the BWB Ingenieurbüro team from South Tyrol.

From the no-obligation consultation and first drafts to detailed planning, construction supervision and final inspection of the structure we, the BWB Ingenieurbüro team from South Tyrol, advise you comprehensively. Our team takes over the entire coordination of the building project and ensures that your structure is completed on time..“It can't be done” is simply not in our vocabulary. Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive knowledge, we are prepared for every situation and always find the right solution – even beyond all standards.

Our references give you an insight into previous work completed by BWB Ingenieurbüro from South Tyrol. Our team has international flagship projects to show in civil engineering, water and transport construction and also in geotechnical engineering and the environment – such as the Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT), the longest underground raiway tunnel in the world. Edgar Leitner (since 1995) and the BWB Ingenieurbüro from South Tyrol (since 2009) have been involved in this exemplary and enormous project as experts in the field of tunnel construction.